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Real Green Growth Summit

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Just register and follow the link. It’s FREE to attend and we’ll be sharing the same valuable content each day, so you can split up your time between multiple sessions, attend one full day or all three.

Software Deep Dive
Learn everything you need to know about how Real Green’s integrated solutions will help you grow your business
Marketing Strategy
Find out more about Real Green’s marketing services – strategies to land more customers
Network with 
Real Greeners
Connect with us during virtual networking sessions
What is Activate?
Activate is a FREE, one-time, one-of-a-kind virtual deep dive into Real Green Systems software and marketing solutions. Three days with live sessions and on-demand demos of the best integrated green industry software – the system you need to help grow your business. You’ll find out how Real Green Systems software and marketing strategies are designed to work together to make running your business easier…and growing it faster.

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How to Attend Activate
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3 Reasons Not to Miss It

February 23 - 25 | 1:00 - 3:00 PM EST

Free Virtual Conference
  • February 23 - 25
  • Two hours of live content every day, plus on-demand recorded demos and virtual networking
  • Crash course in Real Green’s integrated software solutions
  • Marketing strategies workshops
  • Leveraging the Nextdoor platform hosted by Beth Berry
  • Join us for one day or all three – it’s up to you!
  • Register for a free one-on-one session while you’re there

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Learn more about exclusive integrations for

  • Direct from CRM texting
  • Customer self-estimating app
  • Collections
  • GPS and fleet management
  • Call solutions
  • Automated marketing features
  • Coming soon – Soiling testing


  • Digital Growth Strategies
  • New improved integrated solutions with Real Green and Coalmarch
  • Build your Marketing Plan
  • Exclusive print marketing response tracking capabilities
  • New online ordering options

Added Bonus Session! Make Nextdoor Work for You

Join Beth Berry and special guests as she shows you how to leverage the Nextdoor platform to grow your business! 

Activate Real Green Growth Summit Schedule
RGS Crash Course Schedule
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4375 Pineview Dr,  Walled Lake, MI 48390

Do More, Grow More: Maximizing Integrations with SA5

In this session, find out how only SA5 can provide you with a full, 360-degree portfolio of solutions – and how to maximize those solutions for greater efficiency and growth. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your Real Green software, including SA5, Mobile Live, Measurement Assistant, Routing Assistant, CAW and more. Find out more about the intuitive training and in-app help modules that will help you and your team save time and streamline workflows.

Software Sessions
Marketing Sessions

You’ll find out about the exciting sales and marketing tools that power the fastest growing companies in the lawn care, landscaping and pest control businesses. And you’ll learn about how Real Green and Coalmarch will be working together on even better-integrated solutions that will give you deeper customer and marketing insights, effective, targeted campaigns and growth maximization.

You’ll also find out about the latest in print marketing from the company that does it best: Real Green Systems! Learn more about our exclusive print marketing response tracking integrations with SA5, new online ordering options, direct mail, list and data offerings. And of course…lawn signs. You have to have them – we’ll show you how to make them work to grow your business.

Market Better, Grow Faster: Digital and Print Marketing for Maximum Growth 

Bonus Session!

Join Beth Berry and special guests as she shows you how to leverage the Nextdoor platform to grow your business! Nextdoor is an online community where neighborhoods come together to greet newcomers, read about local happenings – and exchange their thoughts on local businesses. Because all neighbors are verified, Nextdoor is trusted and secure. In this session, you’ll hear from industry business owners who are currently using Nextdoor to boost sales through online recommendations and business referrals.

Added Bonus Session! Make Nextdoor Work for You

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